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Borno and its surroundings

As soon as you pass the village of Ossimo, the view will take your breath away: a small town crowned by the Prealps Orobiche. You are in Borno!
Starting from the wondrous square, in the center of town where ancient residences with stone archways appear as well as the splendid octagonal fountain from the 1600s. Roads lead from the square to outside the village and charming scenic spots: the Reserve of the Giovetto and the Lova Lake.
Wandering through town you can note evocative angles: the seven Medieval Towers, the fountains inside ancient yards, the narrow, stone-paved streets.
You would not believe that such a cozy and hospitable mountain village is only around an hour away from big cities (Milan, Bergamo, and Brescia). A place that is thriving with the purpose of creating a contact between past and present improving the strong ties between man and nature that mark its millennial rural culture.

All staff of Albergo Venturelli wishes you Happy Holidays!

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